When it comes to cardiovascular medicine, every heartbeat, every second, every image counts. Our ultrasound systems are engineered to arm us with a complete, anatomically precise picture of patient’s heart for informed clinical decisions without missing a beat. It features sophisticated imaging tools, such as true real-time volume color Doppler and rapid, automated valve modeling to deliver the reliable, actionable knowledge we need in the moments when it matters most.

Anatomic Precision

We enter a new era of clinically meaningful cardiovascular imaging with true real-time volume color Doppler. This advanced technology empowers our clinical decisions with simultaneous visualization of form, flow, and function without compromises. It delivers high frame rate 2D imaging and high volume rate 3D imaging for every heartbeat of every patient – even those with arrhythmia.

 Arrhythmia Monitors

Our thin and lightweight Holter Recorders provide superior pacer detection with adjustable sensitivity for the latest pacemaker technology.

Why Digital Holter
  • Cleaner Holter monitor data through superior ECG baseline correction
  • Downloads ECG data in less than 15 seconds, with automated analysis in 60 seconds
  • Optional, color coded digital diary
  • Easier to use thanks to a large, bright, color LED display
  • Confirms signal quality through visual ECG display